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Creating TAP/TUN for OpenVPN and Missing TunCtl ?

How would I create new tun0 device in arch now since there is no tunctl command ?
I've tried running "ip tuntap add dev tun0 mode tun" and got "open: No such device" error.

EDITED1: Found tunctl now in "uml_utilities" package if any one else is interested.

EDITED2: I've tried running "tunctl -t tun0 -u USER" and got error "Failed to open '/dev/net/tun' : No such device"

So any help would be appreceated smile Thank you.

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Re: Creating TAP/TUN for OpenVPN and Missing TunCtl ?


modprobe tun
modprobe bridge

If you run a custom kernel, you need to enable support for TUN/TAP devices and Ethernet bridging.


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