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#1 2005-12-03 17:51:39

From: Denmark - Møn
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Can Anyone please help me to get a mailserver running.

I have made a webserver - where I can put some different homepages on.. But I would also like to get these pages to get an emailadress. So I would like to get a mailserver running... But I cant figure it out howto. wich packages and how it works.. I mean - I´m not that good in english so I have a few problems understanding the different pages.. 
So hopefully there´s a person who can tell me it in a really understanding languages - how I get a mailserver running so the people kan get their mails.


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#2 2005-12-03 18:09:22

From: Schwartz space
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Re: Mailserver

Postfix is the most spread one. There will be howtos in your language too and Google knows where to find them wink


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