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rtorrent, rutorrent and apache alternatives

I ve been running rtorrent with rutorrent frontend for some years on arch. I use apache for rutorrent, since I already have it configured for localy developing sites.

Nowadays I have more than 2000 active torrents, and rutorrent is lagging awfully. Im afraid this is caused mostly due to Apache. I ve seen people using lighttpd and nginx on seedboxes and the performance is great.

Is there any guide/suggestions for doing it on a current archlinux system? Last time I tried with nginx while everything was properly configured according to some universal wiki I found back then, It didnt work. Since arch always uses latest and experimental versions perhaps something on that wiki was outdated or arch requires some special configuration?

My torrent server is a Multithreaded P4 2.8 with 2Gigs of RAM. Should be enough for my 2000 torrents, rtorrent doesnt use much memory and cpu, but causes 100% load almost constantly when using rutorrent, so thats why I suspect its the main cause of the rutorrent slowdowns.


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Re: rtorrent, rutorrent and apache alternatives

I don't think there's any arch specific rutorrent + nginx tutorial available.

What you need to do is again try nginx, and post the problems you face, here, so we can try and help you out.


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