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Start in different Virtual Console

I have autologin in tty1 and tty2
TTY1:Gnome 3 Desktop for Normal Using
TTY2:Openbox Desktop for Gamming

For some reason, using TTY1 for some time with TTY2 active causes a kernel panic sad

I'm trying to make an script that after playing any game I could kill TTY2 and switch to TTY1 immediately.

Right now my way to kill TTY2 is disabling the service

systemctl stop getty@tty2.service

It does kill it but keeps me on the second screen, I would like it to send me to the first screen and kill the second one, and keep me on the first screen.

OR maybe find a way to run a command chossing the VC where I want it to run, let's say:
I'm on TTY2 and open konsole on TTY1


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Re: Start in different Virtual Console

There are ways to do all that you mention, but it's not really clear what you want.  To open Konsole on the X session in tty1 from tty2 just specify the DISPLAY variable: `DISPLAY=:0 konsole`.  To change virtual terminals, use chvt.

You should probably focus on figuring out and solving the kernel panic rather than trying to make a very odd bandaid for it.  Two concurrent X sessions should run just fine.

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Re: Start in different Virtual Console

I agree, maybe I could use the variable to open the games from a .desktop file in the first screen on the second one.
And yes, the kernel panic seems very weird to me, it happens from nothing :S do you have any idea of what log could I check to try to determine the failure?
Thank you


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