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Convert bin file into c++

Hi, I have the problem described in subject. I am using psiconv but don't work as desired. I want to convert binary file into C or C++ file to be able to edit it and after editing put back into binary file for the router to work on the firmware binary file edited.


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Re: Convert bin file into c++

You need to provide a LOT more information about what you're trying to do.

Why are you trying to use psiconv (it seems unrelated to your question)? What is in the "binary file"? Is it data or an application? In what way do you want to edit it? What is the file's purpose on the router?

What information have you learned so far by searching the Internet?


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Re: Convert bin file into c++

Sounds like he wants to reverse engineer his router firmware. I believe this would be against the forum rules though I'm not sure...

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Re: Convert bin file into c++

Nisstyre56 wrote:

Sounds like he wants to reverse engineer his router firmware. I believe this would be against the forum rules though I'm not sure...

Such activity is only frowned upon if it is legally questionable. And, it would only be a legal issue if the router's firmware is closed source. Having said that, if it were open-source, then there's really never a need to reverse-engineer it.

Either way, the OP is asking about decompiling, which is a huge pain last time I checked.

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Re: Convert bin file into c++

I am pretty sure that HalosGhost hit the mail on the head.  As to being against forum rules, I don;t really see a problem, provided this is for personal use and is not going to be redistributed.  But, disassembling code is a PITA, and you are not really able to get it into C -- especially not the original source.  It is just not how things work.

The real question is, what is it that you are trying to do?   A better solution might be to go with open source router firmware to replace that which can with the router.  (OpenWRT, DD-WRT, etc...) … e_projects

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Re: Convert bin file into c++

If you have to ask, then there is no way you are going to be able to convert some random binary to C/C++...


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