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#1 2006-04-16 21:00:28

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fglrx and custom kernel 2.6.16

I know that there are a lot of post about this issue in the forum, but i couldn't find a solution, and believe me, I`ve spent about 4 hours looking through the forum and google (maybe im a little dumb) with no results!
The problem is that i can't compile the ATI driver under the kernel version 2.6.16, i tried with the patched version from the pacman repositories (actually it compiles, but hungs my system badly) and with the official ATI release...
Also under the 2.6.15 kernel the ati-fglrx pacman package didn't worked neither the one from ATI, i get unresolved symbols, but i managed to make it work by mergeing some files from both packages!
So, was anyone able to make the FGLRX driver (8.23.7) work under the latest kernel??

PD: Now i`m going to try with the new 8.24.8 arch linux release! And sorry for my bad english! XD


#2 2006-04-18 00:04:15

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Re: fglrx and custom kernel 2.6.16

hi there
i also had some probs with installing those drivers (8.23.7) with a custom kernel (custom beyond). This thread fixed my probs … highlight=
The essential part of this was to compile my kernel from source and to then do the 'symlink trick' as described in the post. Hope it helps

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