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Re: Anybody using Arch as their daily driver?

You don't use Arch, you marry it.



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Re: Anybody using Arch as their daily driver?

I use Arch exclusively at work and at home. I do maintain some vm's for special purposes and to try stuff now and then....

FWIW, I work in the network team at a large, well-known enterprise linux/middleware/cloud open source company based in Raleigh NC, and find Arch the perfect platform to do my job. We have a small community of users in said company who help each other out. At home, I've found Arch the most satisfying OS I've ever used - stable, flexible, challenges, best documentation & community anywhere.

Thank you to those who pour their souls into making the total Arch experience so awesome!


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Re: Anybody using Arch as their daily driver?

Fully on Arch since ~2.5 years with XFCE, now Budgie.

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Re: Anybody using Arch as their daily driver?

yes. on my pc since nearly one year (birthday will be end of next week) and on my notebook as soon as i got it (few months back). i am so convinced by now of the full package (the software itself, the wiki and the forum) that if i ever had to buy a new pc or notebook i would chose arch blindly over anything else. (let alone windows haha)


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Re: Anybody using Arch as their daily driver?

On my desktop for more than 2 years. Since then I can't stand using another OS ><

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Re: Anybody using Arch as their daily driver?

I have been using Linux for years (openSUSE > Debian > Fedora > Ubuntu > Debian > Mint > Puppy Linux [btw. Puppy is interesting distro] > Debian for long time... > and now Arch).

I had problems with Debian testing in desktop (broken software and packages... too many hidden bugs).
After Debian, i googled : Slackware vs Arch vs Gentoo
and Arch was the winner (pro and cons => more points for Arch).

What software is the most important for my daily work in Linux:
1. everything for *.csv files
(scripts, converters, find&replace, grep...)
2. grep for text processing
3. text processing (sed, awk, cat, tac, less, grep, head, tail, cut)
4. managing of hundreds images (jpg, png): XnView, imagemagick
5. ebook management and conversion (calibre, pandoc, PDF scripts)
6. printer and scanner
7. local database (MySQL), generating sql, converting between csv<>sql
8. Eclipse for PHP development
9. atom editor for javascript, css, html (front-end development)
10. ssh, rsync, sshfs, samba
11. Thunderbird for emails

As a professional, I am somewhere between data management (csv, sql, thousands of images), email management, text processing and back-end. Linux/unix is important for me, because I am more productive with unix tools in work.

At this moment it looks that Arch fits my needs (since 3 months) and everything is working. But if Arch will die then I will try Slackware.
In raspberry I am using raspbian and minibian.

In home I have: Android 2x, Linux Arch 2x, raspbian 1x, minibian 3x, Kindle OS 1x, and Windows7 1x ONLY in VirtualBox, Playstation firmware.
(it is funny that minibian is the winner in counts...)

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Re: Anybody using Arch as their daily driver?

Arch has become my preferred operating system for work. I do software and firmware development (mostly in C but I touch many other languages), as well as sysadmin work. I do most of my work in Arch on a cheap Acer Chromebook. I have a macbook pro that I've moved away from but still use for entertainment and for running my VMs (it is a much faster computer). Next time I have freetime I intend to boot dual Arch on my mac and make it my main squeeze.

I use i3-wm and do most of my editing in Vim in Terminator or inside Tmux.


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Re: Anybody using Arch as their daily driver?

I do, Computer Engineering Undergrad/IT Support Technician


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Re: Anybody using Arch as their daily driver?

I use arch exclusively for work and personal.  My occupation is all over the place.  I own commercial lease properties, accommodations, and I just started to do major investment projects such as a 100MW solar farm in India.  For the last year and a half I've been acting as a business consultant for a marijuana health society (dispensary) to help drive their revenue and customer retention/loyalty.  What is my OS of choice?  Arch hands down.  My business associates all "ooooh  ahhhh" when they see my screen. 

I use mutt, zathura, ranger, ncmpcpp, qutebrowser, vim, libreoffice, masterpdfeditor, sxiv, and veracrypt.  With dwm as my wm standalone.  This is the winning money-making setup right here boys.

Yes, I do realize I have the most non-tech occupation possible but it shows how diverse the linux world is.

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Re: Anybody using Arch as their daily driver?

I used Arch for work and now that I am retired I use it for play and investment tracking.

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Re: Anybody using Arch as their daily driver?

Trilby wrote:

No.  No one here really uses archlinux.  Arch Sucks.

We're just a bunch of neckbeards who tinker with arch linux in our mom's basement during our free time ... which we have a lot of because we are unemployed.

That's why I love the Arch community. smile

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Re: Anybody using Arch as their daily driver?

I've been using arch at work (finally) for over a year now and have a windows vm for some windows only programs. A very convenient setup. Also if something goes wrong (for example faulty hardware) linux provides you with much better logging to figure out what is wrong than windows.

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Re: Anybody using Arch as their daily driver?

fsckd does not use Arch. Arch uses fsckd.

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Re: Anybody using Arch as their daily driver?

PReP wrote:

Ive been using Arch wherever i am allowed since mebbe 2009... My girlfriend runs arch on her machine aswell now...

You should marry her before someone else pops the question to her, "Will you marry me?"


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Re: Anybody using Arch as their daily driver?

Using Arch and ArchARM on everything it will install on since around 2010. Has worked out well as my daily driver.

Like everything in life, once you get used to it and it becomes routine, anything else used to do the same task seems somewhat more complicated. Although never could have imagined in the beginning, even using systemd has even become routine.


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