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Re: Anybody using Arch as their daily driver?

You don't use Arch, you marry it.



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Re: Anybody using Arch as their daily driver?

I use Arch exclusively at work and at home. I do maintain some vm's for special purposes and to try stuff now and then....

FWIW, I work in the network team at a large, well-known enterprise linux/middleware/cloud open source company based in Raleigh NC, and find Arch the perfect platform to do my job. We have a small community of users in said company who help each other out. At home, I've found Arch the most satisfying OS I've ever used - stable, flexible, challenges, best documentation & community anywhere.

Thank you to those who pour their souls into making the total Arch experience so awesome!


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Re: Anybody using Arch as their daily driver?

Fully on Arch since ~2.5 years with XFCE, now Budgie.

nVidia.... fsck sdy0
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Re: Anybody using Arch as their daily driver?

yes. on my pc since nearly one year (birthday will be end of next week) and on my notebook as soon as i got it (few months back). i am so convinced by now of the full package (the software itself, the wiki and the forum) that if i ever had to buy a new pc or notebook i would chose arch blindly over anything else. (let alone windows haha)


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Re: Anybody using Arch as their daily driver?

On my desktop for more than 2 years. Since then I can't stand using another OS ><

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Re: Anybody using Arch as their daily driver?

I have been using Linux for years (openSUSE > Debian > Fedora > Ubuntu > Debian > Mint > Puppy Linux [btw. Puppy is interesting distro] > Debian for long time... > and now Arch).

I had problems with Debian testing in desktop (broken software and packages... too many hidden bugs).
After Debian, i googled : Slackware vs Arch vs Gentoo
and Arch was the winner (pro and cons => more points for Arch).

What software is the most important for my daily work in Linux:
1. everything for *.csv files
(scripts, converters, find&replace, grep...)
2. grep for text processing
3. text processing (sed, awk, cat, tac, less, grep, head, tail, cut)
4. managing of hundreds images (jpg, png): XnView, imagemagick
5. ebook management and conversion (calibre, pandoc, PDF scripts)
6. printer and scanner
7. local database (MySQL), generating sql, converting between csv<>sql
8. Eclipse for PHP development
9. atom editor for javascript, css, html (front-end development)
10. ssh, rsync, sshfs, samba
11. Thunderbird for emails

As a professional, I am somewhere between data management (csv, sql, thousands of images), email management, text processing and back-end. Linux/unix is important for me, because I am more productive with unix tools in work.

At this moment it looks that Arch fits my needs (since 3 months) and everything is working. But if Arch will die then I will try Slackware.
In raspberry I am using raspbian and minibian.

In home I have: Android 2x, Linux Arch 2x, raspbian 1x, minibian 3x, Kindle OS 1x, and Windows7 1x ONLY in VirtualBox, Playstation firmware.
(it is funny that minibian is the winner in counts...)

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