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Re: Show off your Dwm configuration!

This is my dwm configuration:


I made a patch 4statusevents. It's synchronized with the icons of my statusbar (modified version of slstatus)

    My statusbar looks like ⚡▃ @▃ C▁ R▃ ♫▇ 29.09. 14:43 (on a laptop, screenshot is of a towerpc)
    Clicking on the Date will open orage-callender.
    Scrolling over the ♫▇ will change the volume. Clicking will open pavucontrol.
    Scrolling over the C▁ R▃ will change the screens brightness. Clicking will open a terminal.
    The batteryicon will only show if my computer is unplugged.
    Clicking on @▃ will open wifi-menu to connect with wifi-networks.

My patch noNET_SUPPORTING_WM_CHECK applied, so fullscreen videos in firefox fill the tile and not the screen (only for dwm after 2016-12-05). The colors are solarized. Patches from attachaside, centeredmaster, noborder and pertag.

slstatus configuration:
2 patches of me applied. hardmode and perctobar.

Hardmode changes the style of the config.h. The configuration file has some more characters, but this enables some features, like changing the statussting depending on the conditions. E.g. showing the remaining battery only at discharging or warning about low diskspace.

perctobar: I find bars easier to percive and they take up less space. With this patch it's possible to put every _perc-function in perctobar() and instead of the percentage, a vertical bar like ▁▂▃▄▅▆▇█ in relation to the percentage get shown (requires hardmode patch).


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