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Re: Macbook Pro Late 2013 Retina

gianluca.pettinello wrote:

Hi all,

I recently upgraded to kernel 4.17.2-1.
I use to have "acpi_osi=" kernel parameter following wiki page. And up to 4.17 kernel it was effective to reduce power consumption.
With the upgrade to kernel 4.17 the acpi power got broken and I was not able to get battery recognized by the system.
Deleting "acpi_osi=" kernel parameter fixes the issue but the power consumption goes up.
Anybody had the same problem? If so did anybody found a solution?

Hi Gianluca!
yes I have the exact same problem. I am running Arch on a Macbookair and had the acpi_osi Parameter. Battery was around 10-11h.

After the recent update I coulndt suspend anymore, had no Battery status and my Battery was around 5-7h without acpi_osi.

I hope someone can explain or fix this issue.



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Re: Macbook Pro Late 2013 Retina

On my macbook air (6.2), there are problems with displaying the battery charge
The laptop correctly shows the charge only when cmd "acpi_OSI =" or "acpi_OSI = Linux"
In other cases, my laptop is charged up to 79-84% (this is the residual capacity of the battery). On new kernels, the problem has returned again, and this point, I see many do not work.
I can offer to roll back to linux-lts, there is a 4.14.56 kernel, and it works. Or look for older kernels >4.16.13

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