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Is there any video editor capable of adding an image directly.........

...onto the video? I tried Kdenlive and OpenShot but it seems they can only add images to the timeline of the video thus making the image part of the whole video. Whereas what I need is to add a small image onto a sector of the video. For better understanding of what I need check out this video - you'll see there were added static images (drawn by hand human heads) on top of the moving pictures - the part where it reads "I'm safe here" is the perfect example for the needed feature.

He told me he used Sony Vegas for doing that but despite I managed to install it using Wine, this program simply won't run properly in Linux, so I need a similar software capable of doing the same, preferably a native software.

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Re: Is there any video editor capable of adding an image directly.........

KDEnlive should be perfectly capable of adding a static image on top of a video. You need to first create a new video track on top of the one with your video, import the static image with 'Project > Import Clip' and select the image. Then you can drag and drop the imported image on the new track above the one with the video. You can then add a transform effect and scale, rotate ecc... as you wish.


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Re: Is there any video editor capable of adding an image directly.........

man ffmpeg wrote:

For example, to overlay an image over video

   ffmpeg -i video.mkv -i image.png -filter_complex '[0:v][1:v]overlay[out]' -map '[out]' out.mkv

Here "[0:v]" refers to the first video stream in the first input file, which is linked to the first (main) input of the overlay filter. Similarly the first video stream in the second input is linked to the second (overlay) input of overlay.


Furthermore we can omit the output label and the single output from the filter graph will be added to the output file automatically, so we can simply write

   ffmpeg -i video.mkv -i image.png -filter_complex 'overlay' out.mkv

There are other examples in the vicinity in that man page, and plenty can be found online for searching for "overlay image on video in ffmpeg"

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Re: Is there any video editor capable of adding an image directly.........

I don't think any real video editor would NOT be able to do this. My own go-to (cinelerra) definitely can, and similarly to what BreadyX said, it's just by adding another track for the static image.

ffmpeg is probably the easiest way to go though.

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Re: Is there any video editor capable of adding an image directly.........

Every video editors do what you want with ease. I use Cinelerra-GG Infinity and it's done by adding the image on another track and then extending it for the whole length of the clip. Then by acting on the movements of the Camera or Projector or using the Perspective plugin you can resize and move the image where you want.


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