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minidlna fails while nordvpn daemon is running?

So i've been trying to find a way to run both nordvpn and minidlna, hopefully a way to exclude minidlna from using my vpn. I only need it to run on my home network as it's designed. I've no special setting on nordvpn's side with the nordvpn package from the AUR. here's the error I get repeatedly from minidlna's log

[2019/06/13 02:04:28] minissdp.c:313: error: sendto(udp_notify=9, Operation not permitted

Any idea how to work these two together. that's the only relevant log I could find. journalctl pulls nothing on minidlna. If there's anywhere else to look i'll gladly post it. Also any way to configure my network to let minidlna's port bypass nordvpn would probably work. Both work fine on their own just not together.

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