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Re: The IWD thread

Highlighting a new issue with version 0.16. (as I have same issue)

Someone has created a new thread instead of posting here - so I am linking it here.

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Re: The IWD thread

does IWD work with broadcom-wl? all i get is Operation aborted after entering psk

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Re: The IWD thread


iwd 0.18-1
networkmanager 1.18.0-1

Networkmanager actually starts iwd normally without having to enable it in systemctl. Nice.
I wonder if it works with eduroam though. The combination of these 2 didn't work before


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Re: The IWD thread

IWD stopped working after updating to 0.18 and I'm a bit at loss with the reconfiguration needed after upgrading to 0.18.

The IWD page says:

Starting with version 0.18 IWD is actively managing network interfaces, something that is not done on most current Linux distributions and operating systems based on the Linux kernel, like Android. This page explains how this works and how it differs from interface management before 0.18.

Okay, but how do I, in practice get IWD 0.18 up and running again?

The Archlinux bug FS#62622 - iwd 0.18 changes interface name is also being closed because "this is intentional upstream change described in which can be disabled if user wishes to. Nothing do to in Arch package."

Is the wiki going to be updated to reflect this change?

EDIT: The workaround here works for me.

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Re: The IWD thread

progandy wrote:

n8henrie, maybe ask the connman iwd people to improve 5G selection like choosing always 5GHz if the reception is better than -65 dBm? (At least allow setting that on a per-network basis or in the global configuration) You have a real world example of how their current implementation is flawed, so they might do something.

Edit: Accidentally wrote connman instead of iwd...

I asked on the mailing list, and they reported something was in the works; it looks like they have implemented something helpful to this regard in the /etc/iwd/main.conf: … um=ios_app

# Manually specify a 5G ranking factor. 5G networks are already preferred but
# only in terms of calculated data rate, which is RSSI dependent. This means it
# is still possible for IWD to prefer a 2.4GHz AP in the right conditions.
# This ranking provides a way to further weight the ranking towards 5G if
# required. Also, a lower 5G factor could be used to weight 2.4GHz if that is
# desired.

Seems to be working for me (set mine to 2.0).


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Re: The IWD thread


systemd-networkd is coming up with a new feature in future release, with which you can select ([Match]) a config file based on network SSID.

This requires adding following dbus permissions to IWD dbus policy. (which gives read access to systemd-networkd)

File: /usr/share/dbus-1/system.d/iwd-dbus.conf

<policy user="systemd-network">
    <allow send_destination="net.connman.iwd" send_interface="org.freedesktop.DBus.Properties" send_member="GetAll" />
    <allow send_destination="net.connman.iwd" send_interface="org.freedesktop.DBus.Properties" send_member="Get" />

Can you please add the same to the IWD package (without waiting for feature to land in systemd stable version).

So that whenever systemd pushes the feature to stable branch it works right away.

PS: Note that this feature was requested by you yourself here:

Source PR:

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