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Re: The Official Hello Everyone Thread


10 or so years ago I switched to Linux. I did a lot of distro-hopping and figuring how things work. Things did not always work but it was fun as hell. Ultimately, I went back to Windows.
In January this year, I got an old x200s Thinkpad, that did not sit well with newer Windows. Nor did Windows sit well with me. Being fed-up with it all, I searched for a more minimal and user friendly solution and found out about Arch linux.

I installed it on the Thinkpad (only took me full week to get everything right) and never looked back.
The installation was not an easy one for a newbie like me. It took a full week, from morning till evening of reading and trying to figure things out. I spend many hours reading this forum and the Arch wiki. It was well worth the effort!

I do not see any need to try out other distros. Everything simply works and it works well. I love it!
My friend used to make fun of me for using Arch. "Everything works until it does not and then you are in a deep manure", he used to say. Until one day we both found ourselves neck-deep in a similar flavor of manure.
My friend (a far more knowledgeable guy than me, when it comes to computers) resorted to reinstalling everything. He could have solved it, of course, but for him it seemed faster and easier way.
I had The Wiki in my disposal and that helped my solve my problem.

For my fellow new users, I would say one thing only - Use the Arch wiki, read slowly, take time to understand what is written and be brave enough to dig around in your system. Your time and effort will play off!
I would argue that Arch linux is perfect for new users. I know it was for me.


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Re: The Official Hello Everyone Thread



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Re: The Official Hello Everyone Thread

Hell0 ARCH Community smile

Rules changes with rolling updates !


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jacques de hooge
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Re: The Official Hello Everyone Thread


After 30+ years of struggling to tame Windows into some stability, I finally gave up.
No need to go into details, but I can't afford to work anymore with a system that destroys months worth of work by forced OS upgrades.

Apple is too much of a closed money making machine for me, so Linux it would be.

- First I tried Ubuntu, but, though it worked partially, it's still too much magic and to little comprehension for me
- Then I tried Arch, but I could not get X running with my graphics card
- Then I tried Manjaro, which worked partially, but once again was too much magic for me
- Then I turned back to Arch, and after lots of reading I got my nvidea/intel combination up, running KDE plasma

However I can't get the second screen to work, and I need it for my lessons (large touchscreen).
I'll attempt to get some help with that on another thread.

My first impression is that, having started even before CP/M (what was that?), finally I get some control of my computer back.
Still I figure there'll be a steep learning curve.
I am under pressure to use my laptop for production, but I see no other way than bite the bullet.
Wish me luck...

Kind regards to all
Jacques de Hooge

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Re: The Official Hello Everyone Thread


I'm a student studying cyber security. Currently, I'm preparing for the new CCNA exam at the end of February. I'd also like to get my Linux+ and Security+ certifications in the near future. I've studied a lot in a course "Preparation for Linux+ Exam", so I am familiar with RHEL/CentOS. I'm looking forward to starting a career in IT.

I first experienced Linux when I was 16 or so, and playing with Ubuntu on my Windows computer. I'm 22 now, and have recently discovered my love for tinkering, programming, and IT. I decided to try Arch because of the good things I heard about the Arch wiki. I'm very satisfied with it, and am using it every day.

I've learned a lot in just the last week I've used Arch, and am excited to get my feet wet.

Nice to meet you all, hope I can contribute something interesting to the coming conversations smile

Just a monkey with a laptop


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Re: The Official Hello Everyone Thread

Hello from Pembroke Pines, Florida, been using Arch for 2 years and still learning from the friendly and helpful members of the community - IRC and posts that I Google - KISS and Open
Previous distro hopper (Debian, Suse, Red Hat, Fedora, Ubuntu and Solus) staying to roll with Arch

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