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brother mfc-7360N is printing garbage

Have a very similar issue to:

with lots of garage starting with:

<</.HWMargins [17. 12. 17. 12.]>>setpagedevice

I've tried adding the option DefaultMargins as per the patch, yet unfortunately I still get the same results, whether in "Driver Default" or "alignmargins" setting.

Also tried downgrading cups, libcups, cups-filters, and even qpdf/ghostscript (following linker errors appearing in logs after the upgrade), without much luck, the printer then either prints single line pages (starting with HWMargins) or nothing at all.

Had also a problem where logs shown:

Grayscale/monochrome printing requested for this job but Poppler is not able to convert to grayscale/monochrome PostScript.

Changing the renderer to gs seems to solve the message, yet I still get the HWMargins error.

Any idea will be quite appreciated!

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