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#1 2019-08-03 01:27:10

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Suggested improvements to this BBS' registration process

First off, hi there! I'm new here. Looking to contribute something positive.

I was registering just now and two things about the registration challenge frustrated me.


The challenge sometimes failed, sometimes worked. Here are two commands I was prompted to run that failed. I'll redact some of the result so that no one can use it, but I'll provide enough so someone can verify if the output was correct or not. FYI, I know the response is time-based, and it's a Friday afternoon in Pacific Time. I don't think I'm near a week number boundary AFAIK...

date -u +%V$(uname)|sha1sum|sed 's/\W//g'

date -u +%V$(uname)|sha224sum|sed 's/\W//g'


It's difficult to read and tedious to select and copy/paste the challenge command because the font is tiny and the ending single quote from sed is jammed up against a double-quote around the entire command. Because the command is not presented in a monospaced font, it's a pain to grab the command out. I didn't even see the ending single-quote until I tried to run the command and it failed.

Here's how it looks on my computer. It requires a lot of hand-eye coordination to grab the command out.


With some square brackets and a little spacing, it would be much nicer to interact with the challenge:

What is the output of [ date -u +%V$(uname)|sha224sum|sed 's/\W//g' ]?

Here's an example of how that would look:



#2 2019-08-03 01:40:47

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Re: Suggested improvements to this BBS' registration process

For #1, I get the same output as you.

For #2, that seems a reasonable suggestion, but - of course - brackets could lead to other problems:

$ [ date -u +%V$(uname)|sha224sum|sed 's/\W//g' ]
sed: ]: No such file or directory
ash: missing ]

Given that HTML has <pre> and <code> tags, there could be a much better solution:

What is the output of the following command:
<pre><code>date -u +%V$(uname)|sha224sum|sed 's/\W//g'</code></pre>
<input ...

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Re: Suggested improvements to this BBS' registration process

I also struggled with this. I tried a few times to select with the single quotes, and not include the enclosing double quotes. After failing to select it I just typed out the quotes manually in the terminal.

The first one I tried for some reason failed when I outputted the command. First it used a sha512, which didn't work. And then it asked for a sha256 which did work. I would be in favor of it using a smaller hash as it's less tricky to copy the whole thing and then paste as an answer.

Also, why include the uname? What if I want to register on a non-Linux machine, even though I have Linux machines where arch linux is relevant?


#4 2020-05-18 13:48:26

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Re: Suggested improvements to this BBS' registration process

henrywallace wrote:

What if I want to register on a non-Linux machine[?]

That's a good question, actually. In fact, I struggled with the registration here too, because I didn't have a Linux machine ready. (I ended up writing a Captcha solver for this forum.)

I can imagine that many people would like to get help here so they can install Arch, but they need Arch to get here first. Ugh.


#5 2020-05-18 13:51:25

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Re: Suggested improvements to this BBS' registration process

If they're unable to write the install disk, I don't see the problem with preventing them registering here, they won't be able to maintain Arch anyway.


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