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Can't install chromium-vaapi

Hi guys, sorry for my English.
I'm having some issues with chromium. There is an high load on CPU. I noticed that it isn't compatible with hardware acceleration, but there is a version from AUR in which hardware acceleration is enabled.
I tried to install it with the command:

 yay chromium-vaapi 

During compilation I get this error:

 FAILED: obj/base/base/trace_event_memory_overhead.o 

Reading some posts on the forum I noticed that the problem could be gcc and I should downgrade it to version 9. How can I do that? I would like to downgrade it and later re-upgrade it.
Thanks in advance.

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Re: Can't install chromium-vaapi

Mod note: moving to AUR Issues

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Re: Can't install chromium-vaapi covers building with an older environment and has links to patches that may be required with gcc10.
Edit: … c9e7627b22 shows the change made to compile chromium 83 with gcc10.

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