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Can't log in in tty because it keeps inserting ^a

This is a clean install of Arch. I ended up just chrooting into the system from the Arch live iso to install what I needed. Whenever I try to log in to my Arch installation on the tty, it inserts ^@, which makes my login incorrect. There were a few times where I succeded logging in, I did it very fast. Then it didn't insert anything, but when I tried to use sudo, the problem came back.


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Re: Can't log in in tty because it keeps inserting ^a

This has come up a few times on the forums, unfortunately neither the forum search tool nor major search engines will search for "^@", so I can't find the previous threads.

The proximate problem is that null bytes are being received (and displayed as ^@).  In one case this was actually due to a bad keyboard or connection, but I believe in another it was a software issue.

Found some of them:

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