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Create a new bridge network for qemu

Hi everyone,

I am connected via SSH to a virtualization server with qemu and libvirt installed.
Unfortunately I have no graphical user interface and have to create a new bridge network. When connecting eth0 and br0, eth0 loses its ip address ...

is there a way to create a bridge network on the fly?

Best regards smile


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Re: Create a new bridge network for qemu

it's unclear to me what your intentions are.

if you add a network device to a bridge, the bridge "eats" the network device. you then have to configure the bridge itself, not the network device.

if you expect eth0 to retain its IP address, maybe you don't want bridging at all. for a routed setup, you can use a bridge that isn't connected to anything, routing to be done by the kernel.

I didn't find a good explanation in the arch wiki, here's a routed vs bridged example in Hetzner wiki … ization.29 … ted_method … ged_method

it's not explained well there either, but you can see in bridged mode they add eth0 to the bridge (and configure the bridge instead of eth0), and in routed mode they don't add it and still configure eth0.

the network configuration may also depend on requirements / limitations set by your hoster. so check if your hoster has any documentation on it

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Re: Create a new bridge network for qemu

If you are searching for an UI, try virt-manager.

If you want to create bridge interfaces take a look at … _interface and feel free to ask any further questions!



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