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#1 2017-12-10 14:33:24

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No internet when connecting to OpenVPN over WiFi (ethernet works)

My setup:

Google Fiber Modem/Router  ---> Some devices + OpenWRT Router (bridge mode) ---> Devices

Arch is updated, and doesn't use any weird configurations. Only AUR package is firefox-nightly.
DE is Plasma 5. WiFi connection established through NetworkManager.

In regards to regular networking, everything appears to be working correctly, all devices can see/connect to each other as they seemingly should.

Regarding OpenVPN, connecting over ethernet (whether I'm connected directly to the Google Fiber router or to my OpenWRT router), everything again appears to work correctly.

My problem appears to be connecting to OpenVPN over Wifi specifically. I can successfully make the connection to the VPN, I just don't get any internet access (this result is the same connecting to Google Fiber router and OpenWRT router).

The results from Google search have so far not been of much help and I'm not really sure what I should be checking.

Any thoughts?

*Edit* I see a couple of similar posts here, perhaps something broke NetworkManager. I'll attempt to connect to WiFi another way and see if that changes anything.

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#2 2017-12-10 16:05:18

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Re: No internet when connecting to OpenVPN over WiFi (ethernet works)

As you say, it has been covered many many times, the most recurring issue is that the VPN is added to the routing table with a lower metric than the default network, so check if that is not the case with

ip route

Also, as I've seen in most topics and also by personal experience, connecting manually (by "openvpn" command) may preclude weird behaviours.


#3 2020-07-28 07:57:19

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Re: No internet when connecting to OpenVPN over WiFi (ethernet works)

Same problem here but a new info

I "timed" a command on the terminal to see if finally, the routing is done through the vpn.


It takes approx. 3 minutes but after that time, the vpn is functionning and the command is returning me the expected vpn adress.

I check the metrics as well and they are indeed different from those on ethernet access (which also is perfectly fine).


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