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Discord voice chat RTC disconnection / No Route.

Hello, everyone. I am having trouble with Discord voice chat both in browsers and apps (AUR package discord-canary), and I think it is a network problem so I came here.

1. My webcam is Logitech C270 and it works perfectly in my Arch Linux machine (tested in Zoom meetings).

2. Both in Firefox / Chrome, when I go to a discord chat room, it is stuck at RTC connection and ultimately it leads to No Route.
It attempts to reconnect but fails again.

3. I have downloaded discord-canary, clearly checked that high packet priority is disabled as is recommended here, but the problem persists.

4. I am currently using a wired connection, network manager is installed.

I have heard that in Windows 10, changing the network from "public" to "private" might make it work, but I am not sure if it can be applied to Linux as well.

I do not seem to have any configuration files in /etc/NetworkManager/conf.d/. Just let me know which configuration I should provide: I will do it right away. I am just not sure which information I should provide to solve the problem.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance.

[Edited] After spending even more hours, I found that if I change the server region to my home country, I can access the voice chat.
But if I change the region to any other country, the same No Route error occurs.
I am still not sure what is causing the problem.

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