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Intermittent network connectivity after starting libvirtd guest

I'm trying to help my friend who's too lazy to make an account and a post troubleshoot intermittent connectivity:

The machine is a desktop arch host, which is networked via a cable from the motherboard's NIC.
This NIC is part of a bridge, br0, which gets a DHCP address and a default route from the router.
On it's own, this standard setup's network connection works reliably.

The machine also has a libvirtd guest, managed with virt-manager.
The guest is networked via a virtio-net NIC, also part of the br0 bridge.
After the guest (Windows) is started, initially both the host and the guest have stable networking, however, after some time, typically a few minutes, both the host and guest intermittently lose connectivity.

Could I please have some guidance/ideas on how to troubleshoot this?

I have already proposed looking in dmesg, and there aren't any messages relevant to networking or errors there.

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