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#26 2020-11-20 11:40:26

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Re: problem with pango ??

Boring. Unfortunately.

Let's see what we get for "en_US ISO-8859-1" - uncomment the locale, don't forget to run "locale-gen" and try "LC_ALL=en_US.iso88591 matlab"
I suspect that matlab ships a bunch of scripts to interpret the input and at least one of them has a bogus™ encoding.

Does it happen to write a more verbose log somewhere?


#27 2020-11-20 16:11:24

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Re: problem with pango ??

I didn't quite follow your suggestion exactly, but nevertheless the problem seems to have been cured. Before running locale-gen I decided to just try "LC_ALL=en_US.iso88591 matlab"

the setting operation was not allowed, but the default matlab (R2019b) started up fine (no mysterious error box), and then I could not provoke it to appear. I then launched R2020a matlab in the same way, and it also was "cured."

I killed the shell, started a new one, and then started both matlab versions without the preceding statement; still cured.

What is really confusing is how this could've gotten screwed up in real time by running a simple matlab script.

Anyway thanks much. I owe you a beer.


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