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synchronize a btrfs snapshot via network with resume support?

I have 2 PC's, one called master, and one called slave. On the master, I have
a btrfs filesystem with real-only snapshots that are made daily. On the slave
PC, I would like to create a btrfs filesystem with the exact same contents as
the master. The two PC's are connected via internet, so interruptions in the
connection are to be expected.

Btrfs send can convert the differences between 2 read only snapshots into a
stream of instructions. This stream can then be send via ssh to a remote
computer, and fed into btrfs receive, so that the snapshot is recreated at the
remote computer.

The problem with this approach is that the transmission of the entire delta
between two snapshots has to succeed in one go. If there's an interruption in
the connection, the complete transmission has to be restarted. This is a
problem if the delta between two snapshots is large, or if the connection is

I'm looking for a program that can synchronize a btrfs snapshot via a network,
and supports resuming of interrupted transfers.

Buttersink [1] claims it can do Resumable, checksummed multi-part uploads to S3
as a back-end, but not between two PC's via ssh.

Does anybody know a program that is capable of doing this?


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