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#1 2021-01-17 16:46:47

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Arch manual pages on common web toolbar?

Just a quick idea.

I really like the new man pages search functionality.

It's cumbersome to have to bring up the man search page from bookmarks though, so I suggest either add the man search to the common Arch web toolbar (i.e. not just for - or add it as a menu item along with Home, Packages, Forums etc.

The man search field and button fills about 285 pixels on my screen, and the menu wraps when my browser window is about 1145 pixels, so in order to get the full page width on 1024 pixel screen, the search field and button would have to be reduced to about 120 pixels, and/or the menu would need to be tightened a little.

Thanks for a very practical new functionality anyway smile

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Re: Arch manual pages on common web toolbar?

A menu item would seem reasonable.  Including the search bar universally doesn't seem to make any sense to me.  Most of the subdomains or areas (e.g., forums, wiki, packages, aur) all have their own search tools as well, and I'm quite sure that most - if not every one - of these is used more often than the web-based man page search: so if there was to be one universal search bar, it'd not make any sense for it to be for the web based man pages.

FYI, there's already a duckduckgo bang entry for !archman.

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