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What's the Right Way to do a complicated network config?

I bought a Dell PowerEdge R530. It's got 4 ethernet interfaces.

I want to use 1 ethernet to talk to a CenturyLink fiber optic -> ethernet modem, which means PPPoE and a VLAN ID of 201 on an ethernet port. I want to put 2 different wireless access points on 2 of the remaining ethernet ports, and a 8-port ethernet bridge on the last port. I can get everything to work if I do some config by hand, but my smaller understanding of systemd won't let me do all of this persistently. My hacked-together systemd unit to set VLAN ID, LAN IP addresses and routing, etc etc fails.

Just as an example, this is the current running set of ethernet interfaces:

% ip -br address
lo               UNKNOWN ::1/128 
eno1             UP    fe80::46a8:42ff:fe2d:c255/64 
eno2             UP    fe80::46a8:42ff:fe2d:c256/64 
eno3             UP             fe80::46a8:42ff:fe2d:c257/64 
eno4             DOWN  
eno3.201@eno3    UP             fe80::46a8:42ff:fe2d:c257/64 
ppp0             UNKNOWN        a.b.c.165 peer a.b.c.d.2/32 

I've got systemd services ppp@centurylink.service, iptables.service, a service to clamp PMTU on the PPP interface, and a "network.service" I hacked together to set IP addresses and routes on the LAN interfaces (eno1, eno2, eno4), but it runs out-of-order and pppd dies because eno3.201 (VLAN ID of 201) doesn't exist when ppp@centurylink.service runs. What's the systemd way of setting static IP addresses and routes on 3 ethernet interfaces, created the eno3.201 interface and so forth?


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Re: What's the Right Way to do a complicated network config?

The systemd way would be to use systemd-networkd to configure the ethernet interfaces.

The ppp service gets a dropin to start it when a specific vlan device exists: … an-on-boot

| alias CUTF='LANG=en_XX.UTF-8@POSIX ' |


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