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What --bootloader-id and --target to use when installing GRUB?

I want to install Arch so I can dual boot with windows 10. In tutorials, I have seen the "grub-install"-command being used with different arguments:


They also use the --target argument:


What do these do exactly, and which should I use? They aren't mentioned in the official documentation.


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Re: What --bootloader-id and --target to use when installing GRUB?

I believe the target refers to what version of bios your motherboard is using, If you're not sure x86-64 is probably the one you want.

If you've got a newer computer like 2012+ your bios has an option called "boot menu", if you were able to boot into the arch installer you probably know what that is. bootloader-id is the label that your bios will display for your arch linux install. On my computer I use --bootloader-id="Arch Linux", so when I open the menu I see any bootable usbs I have attached, my Ubuntu and Windows install and my "Arch Linux" install.


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Re: What --bootloader-id and --target to use when installing GRUB?


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