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#1 2021-04-06 11:48:09

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[SLOVED] Mullvad Vpn Configuration (iwd, systemd-networkd/resloved)

Confused on setting  up Mullvad VPN with systemd-networkd and wireguard.

Important file to this situation:

"/etc/iwd/main.conf"                                                    (iwd config file)
"/etc/systemd/network/"  (network connection for my wireless device using iwd)

Contents contained within said files:








Default config file with no changes.

What I have done so far successfully:
Use wireguard to create a private key,
Downloading vpn config file from Mullvad for wireguard

What I am confused on:
where can I find my listening port for my system?
how do I set up my .netdev and .network file to have networkd connect to the vpn.
I have read … d-networkd and tried to set up with just 2 peers (my system and vpn server), however it fails to connect to the internet.

Any help will be appreciated

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Re: [SLOVED] Mullvad Vpn Configuration (iwd, systemd-networkd/resloved)


You don't need to set up networkd after all.

Here are my steps:

    First, Download the config file from mullvad for wireguard.

    Second, download wireguard-tools & systemd-resolvconf from the arch repo

    Move the config file to the wireguard directory in /etc/wireguard/

    Third, run as root, wg-quick up {config-file} #(DO NOT place the suffix .conf) example:

 wg-quick up mmlvd-usXX 

This should set up your connection to the vpn server.

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