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Re: fsck failure and emergency shell upon booting from GRUB.

I'm getting pretty sure that you've set up everything in grub correctly.

What happens when you get rid of "quiet" and add "debug" to the boot options in GRUB? Do you get any useful feedback that might hint at what the error is?


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Re: fsck failure and emergency shell upon booting from GRUB.

Nothing useful, unfortunately. Of potential interest, however, is my bootctl status:

systemd-boot not installed in ESP.
     Firmware: UEFI 2.70 (American Megatrends 5.19)
  Secure Boot: disabled
   Setup Mode: user
 Boot into FW: supported

Current Boot Loader:
      Product: systemd-boot 247.3-1-arch
     Features: ✓ Boot counting
               ✓ Menu timeout control
               ✓ One-shot menu timeout control
               ✓ Default entry control
               ✓ One-shot entry control
               ✓ Support for XBOOTLDR partition
               ✓ Support for passing random seed to OS
               ✓ Boot loader sets ESP partition information
WARNING: The boot loader reports different ESP UUID then detected!
          ESP: /dev/disk/by-partuuid/31323032-3330-4130-b132-303433383430
         File: └─/EFI/BOOT/BOOTX64.EFI

Random Seed:
 Passed to OS: no
 System Token: not set
       Exists: no

Available Boot Loaders on ESP:
          ESP: /boot (/dev/disk/by-partuuid/de26502e-68d3-4ce4-9cd7-7342797c0c2f)
         File: └─/EFI/BOOT/bootx64.efi

Boot Loaders Listed in EFI Variables:
        Title: GRUB
           ID: 0x0000
       Status: active, boot-order
    Partition: /dev/disk/by-partuuid/de26502e-68d3-4ce4-9cd7-7342797c0c2f
         File: └─/EFI/GRUB/grubx64.efi

Boot Loader Entries:
        $BOOT: /boot (/dev/disk/by-partuuid/de26502e-68d3-4ce4-9cd7-7342797c0c2f)

0 entries, no entry could be determined as default.


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