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About the setting value "AUTHPRIV" in "SyslogFacility" of sshd_config

I have a question about the OpenSSH server-side configuration file sshd_config.

Some blogs that introduced how to customize sshd_config describe how to change the settings as follows.

SyslogFacility AUTHPRIV

However, what is displayed in "man sshd_config" is as follows.

        Gives the facility code that is used when logging messages from sshd(8).  The possible values are: DAEMON, USER, AUTH, LOCAL0, LOCAL1, LOCAL2, LOCAL3, LOCAL4, LOCAL5, LOCAL6, LOCAL7.  The default is AUTH.

I can't find the description that "SyslogFacility AUTHPRIV" can be set in the contents of "man sshd_config". Is it an omission in the description of "man sshd_config"?


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Re: About the setting value "AUTHPRIV" in "SyslogFacility" of sshd_config

Will the syslog calls be handled by a syslog server or systemd-journald?  If the latter,  it does not apply different access policies based on SyslogFacility.


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