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Re: Pantheon Shell on Archlinux

Thorned_Rose wrote:

Hey quequotion, just wondering what your take on the current state of Pantheon on Arch is, with Elementary 6.0 now in beta?

Changes are happening; some of Alucryd's packages have been updated already and several new stable releases are pending upstream. TBH, I am not fully up-to-date and neither are my AUR packages. The wiki may need updates as well. AFAIK, we still don't have a stable release of pantheon-session, which explains why that script hacks one out of the AUR package into ~/.xsession.

Should I put the effort in, after all this

If you have time to test the instructions in the wiki, and report back any that don't work, it would be helpful.

I have been out of the loop for a while because of major changes in my personal life and I don't have as much time as I used to, but I am still using a Pantheon based desktop so I have a vested interest in keeping this working.


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Re: Pantheon Shell on Archlinux

Hi everyone.

Do you know TeArch project? They have a Pantheon spin-off. No more info, indeed, but a developer says they patch some Arch packages ("Example: we patch Gnome settings daemon for Gala"). Could this work be useful for Arch users interested in Pantheon Desktop?

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