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Persisting screen flickering

I'm one of the many who seem to be struggling with their laptop screen on newer kernels. In my case, I just set up a HP Elitebook 840 with additional dedicated AMD GPU from scratch with archlinux-2021-06-01.iso.

First, with the latest kernel 5.12.12 the laptop screen remains blank, as described here. The external monitor works without issues. Downgrading to 5.11.X works around this problem.

But now the problem that persists is that during the boot process, while an external monitor is plugged in, the laptop screen is flickering, similar to what's described here. Unlike mentioned in the other thread, neither down- nor upgrading the kernel resolves the problem, which seems to occur when the external monitor is connected but doesn't occur when it's disconnected.

The flickering seems to occur until something is booted, such as the fresh install or the live USB. In particular, it flickers while GRUB is open and afterwards, GRUB is replaced by an empty screen with a single cursor. The countdown to selecting the first option in GRUB doesn't seem to finish and initiate booting either.

Any help or pointers would be appreciated smile


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