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#1 2021-07-21 20:24:47

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Unable to install new mariadb database after mariadb upgrade

Upgraded mariadb recently from 10.5 to 10.6 (from official repos). Whenever I try to run mariadb-install-db I get the following error:

❯ mariadb-install-db --datadir=/home/xxxxxx/Documentos/.mysql.digikam/db_data

FATAL ERROR: Could not find //share/mysql/fill_help_tables.sql

If you compiled from source, you need to either run 'make install' to
copy the software into the correct location ready for operation.
If you don't want to do a full install, you can use the --srcdir
option to only install the mysql database and privilege tables.

If you are using a binary release, you must either be at the top
level of the extracted archive, or pass the --basedir option
pointing to that location.

The latest information about mysql_install_db is available at

The mariadb package contains /usr/share/mysql/fill_help_tables.sql, but somehow the /usr part is missing from the path that mariadb-install-db is reporting in the error. Any ideas why? If I specify the --basedir option (--basedir=/usr), the creation succeeds. However, when another program is trying to call mariadb-install-db (in this case digikam), it doesn't know to add the --basedir argument and the command always fails.

Running mariadb-10.6.3-1
Build Date      : Wed 07 Jul 2021 08:08:55 AM CDT
Install Date    : Wed 21 Jul 2021 03:10:25 PM CDT

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#2 2021-07-25 05:02:45

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Re: Unable to install new mariadb database after mariadb upgrade

I think it is down to … d4305e3c11 in mariadb-install-db replacing mysqld with mariadbd when it should have been replaced by mariadb
Is it related to ?
My mistake mariadbd in the substitution is correct.
Line 363 from the script before the rename

elif test -n "$dirname0" -a -x "$rel_mysqld" -a ! "$rel_mysqld" -ef "./bin/mysqld"

Could the last part of the test have been failing because mysqld is a link to mariadbd,  after the update the test passes because it is a regular file?  Leading to a different set of values being substituted.

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