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#1 2021-08-01 22:07:32

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Can't search for certain stuff

What the title says. I'm not able to search the forums. Not super convenient when you're trying to find possible previous threads on a subject so you can avoid making a new thread about something that's already been solved.

If I search, it doesn't load, and it's like my IP gets blacklisted for a few minutes. After a moment it just leads to a 504 error, and further refreshes just lead to a "Error: Unable to update online list." error page.

At the same time, if I'm on another IP then the site loads just fine... and after a few minutes it goes back to normal and I'm able to browse the forums again. But of course that doesn't really help if I'm not able to Search.

I'm just searching for "xfce date time", is that too many short search terms? Too many results? If I search for "firefox" for example, it takes its sweet time but it does eventually load without locking me out of the forums.


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Re: Can't search for certain stuff

Yeah, it's broken for me too. 504 Gateway Time-out.

You could open a bug report for the devops team.

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Re: Can't search for certain stuff

I confirm the same issue.

As a work around, you can use google "arch linux forums xfce date time"

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Re: Can't search for certain stuff … &tbs=qdr:y

Looks for past years occurrences of "gnarf" on this site.


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