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Re: Easy shift / ctrl / AltGr / etc hack on xf86-input-evdev

Sorry I've forgotten, for a year!! Are you ok?

@Dear users
Having heard that emacs-28 will be Wayland compatible, I think I have to be serious about migration to Wayland.

This means I have to redo ahm for Wayland. (sigh)

Rant (Don't read it. It's a waste of time.): What's really disappointing is that it seems the keyboard configuration in Wayland is totally delegated to each compositor. The package "wlroots" abstracts many common parts for compistors (good), and (sigh) it relies on xkbcommon. Wow. EX KAY BEE. One of the worst components of X. (If not the entire X is  wrong.)

I already had the impression years ago that input would remain a mess in Wayland, even after a lot of improvement. I do not mean Wayland's developers are to blame, by any means. XKB is so fiendishly terrible that no one want to understand and fix it.

There're so many keyboards. (Believe me - how many languages do you speak, and how many writing systems are there?). It's a real nightmare. Still the kernel does manage to handle input devices, so I think if you designed it from the scratch, Wayland input could have been really simpler, and far better.

*But it's too late.*

The botoom line: We will (or are forced to) continue to live after the advent of Wayland. Good.

Take good cares. Don't forget to pray for those who deserve it. (Many Japanese MPs don't, but no incumbent died by covid-19. Damn!)

Easy Shift / Ctrl / AltGr ... hack; save your pinkies, type without drudgery.
YYYY-MM-DD, period. (Have you ever used the Internet?)


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Re: Easy shift / ctrl / AltGr / etc hack on xf86-input-evdev

@teika Hello! Good to hear from you. I'm going well enough I suppose. Are you okay?

A pity to hear about the Wayland issues, but I appreciate what you have done and are doing! Best of luck.


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