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Re: why you choose ArchLinux?

I started my Linux journey in 1998 with SuSE for a little while and then Slackware for a couple of years, then Debian for a couple of years, then Arch from 2005 onward. Arch has remained my favorite desktop distro to this day. On servers, I continue to prefer Debian's legendary stability.

1. Arch keeps it simple on a technical level, that means it's easy to understand and customize for more experienced Linux users
2. pacman, PKGBUILDs and the AUR are all really great. It's maybe the main reason why I switched from Debian to Arch back in the day: I hate the Debian packaging processes. Arch made all of this simple without having meaningful drawbacks, and because Arch made this simple, its user repository has grown massively big. Chances are high that you don't need any other sources except official repos + AUR. Much better than PPAs as well.
3. I like that Arch has little to no extraneous stuff which invokes additional complexity. For example, in a Debian-based system you have tons of non-standard weirdly preconfigured configs, weird extra tools like the "alternatives" system and so on. Since I started using Linux seriously with Slackware Linux, I have grown to like simple stuff where the administrator is able to understand every part of the system quickly and where nothing is really a "black box". In DEB distros, learning everything is harder to achieve because the system is more complex. Also, it means that information from tutorials is harder to transfer to DEB distros, unless they were written specifically for DEB distros. With Arch, software is packaged much closer to the original. Now this doesn't mean that I dislike Debian in general, it just means that I dislike dealing with it on my daily driver desktop system. The areas where Debian shines make it more suitable for servers than for desktops.
4. I dislike RPM distros the most (mostly the same applies as for Debian, in addition to that the RPM-based distros tend to be the most commercial ones as well). When you dislike RPM and DEB based distributions, Arch is an obvious choice
5. I also dislike source-based distros. I have used Crux for a couple of months, and while it was fun, it also became clear that binary package based distros are just much nicer to use in general and that you don't really gain much from compiling everything. You're never going to look at the source in 99.8% of all cases anyway. OK, this point is getting weaker over time due to much faster compile times nowadays. But anyway.
6. I also like the philosophy of Arch in general, and I hope that Arch will always stay true to its philosophy.
7. Despite Arch being quite bleeding-edge, it's still rock solid. If something breaks, it's something minor which can be isolated and resolved quickly. This is thanks to "frequent and small updates" instead of "rare and big updates". With small updates, it's easier to isolate and resolve problems.
8. I almost forgot the Arch Wiki. It's insanely good.

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Re: why you choose ArchLinux?

it provides binary packages and a nice installation script


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Re: why you choose ArchLinux?

m6x wrote:

I started my Linux journey in 1998....

The only difference in your post from my experience are the minor details.  I started with Linux on January 13, 1997, I had to install Slackware for an undergraduate class at the time.  My distro flow on my daily drivers was Slackware->Gentoo->Ubuntu->Debian->Arch.  I left Slackware in 2000 or 2001 because (at the time) it lacked proper package management (Gentoo is what taught me the value in that).  Then, after some compile of basic software either failing or taking two weeks to compile on my dual-Opteron system, I ran screaming from Gentoo to the shiny new thing on the block (Ubuntu, circa 2005).  A coworker suggested I use a real OS (Debian), so I was using that from about 2008 through now.  I started with Arch about 2013 or so because I was tired of Debian being so behind on desktop software versions.

I like Arch for all the same reasons, but what really prompted me to give Arch a try was googling for broken things on Debian.  Invariably I'd find the answers on the Arch Wiki, which were easy enough to adapt for Debian.

I'm retiring my old Debian VPS (my new VPS started as Debian but now runs Arch after I did this and this).  The only remaining Debian system I have is my router.  Just updated to Bullseye yesterday, and like you said I'm tired of all the Debian cruft all over /etc/.  I've tried to keep all my router configuration in git, and every other update prompts me to add stuff to .gitignore, or `git rm --cached` stuff that I shouldn't have put in git in the first place.  I've been reluctant to convert it to Arch because the wife wants Internet all the time.  Even during the Bullseye upgrade our Internet connection went down unexpectedly before I rebooted.

Replacing Debian with Arch may be an entire weekend project.  Guess I'll finally have a use for that UniFi Security Gateway I got a couple of years ago, but I prefer DIY for my equipment.


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Re: why you choose ArchLinux?

Wanted a stable ditsro but also got tired of finding ways to solve bugs that were solved in upstream.


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Re: why you choose ArchLinux?

I've tried a bunch of different linux distros, and ended up coming back to Arch about a year ago (my profile says I registered here in 2012, and IIRC an update broke the OS after I ran it w/o reading the notes about it, so I switched to something else...perhaps nothing or windows).  I was a unix programmer in its heyday, but that was almost entirely designing/coding math algorithms (+Motif GUIs) and I never learned much about the underlying OS, which I still don't know much about except now zsh replaces the old ksh.  Installing unusual software thru the AUR is easier than the other distros' methods.  Edit: I like a light fluxbox desktop rather than a "desktop environment", and that's a lot easier to accomplish with Arch than it is by removing the extra DE stuff which most distros supply. (I recently tried to 'build up' from a base Debian install and had endless nasty problems, unlike with Arch).

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Re: why you choose ArchLinux?

I use Arch because it is fast, highly customizable and forces me to learn the things I don't know about Linux


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Re: why you choose ArchLinux?

3 main reasons;

* Rolling
* Fast updates.
* Pacman.

Still got server running arch since 2012, not reinstalled once.  Virtually no issues. Same with desktops. Honestly do not know why arch has that "it breaks" reputation.  Perhaps if you update once a year, it will.


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