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#1 2021-11-24 23:32:47

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Major Bugs with Kernel 5.15

I am experiencing serious issues with Kernel 5.15 which leave my Laptop unuseable and my Workstation also nearly dead.
On my Laptop (Thinkbook 13s G2 ITL) if I use the 5.15 Kernel (doesn't matter which one) the Laptop is unuseable. X shows glitches and bugs allover and the laptop is in general so slow that it's not possible to do anything else than do a hard shutdown.

On the Dell Workstation (Precision Tower 5810) The PC is completely dead. Black Screen as soon as the bootloader comes up.

My Mediacenter (Thinkstation Tiny 710) the system crashes as soon as ANY desktop effect comes into play.

Anyone else experiencing these issues? If its Just one PC, I would say maybe there's a hardware issue, but all three PCs (and they work fine with 5.10-lts) is highly unlikely to be hardware issues...


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Re: Major Bugs with Kernel 5.15

Please post the journal from an affected boot from one of the systems.


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