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installing eduroam for University Wifi on Arch Linux


I managed to install Arch Linux and im still about to configure everything for me.

My problem is, that i need to have a WIFI connection when i am in the university and i need to configure it with eduroam which Im unable to do...

On Ubuntu (which i used before) it was very easy. You just had to download the python 3 script here for your university, execute it with python3 and a window appeared for login.

When I want to do it on Arch, ill get an error message from that script:

line 107, in <module>
import distro
ModuleNotFoundError: No module named 'distro'

here you can find that python3 script: …

The Problem is that i cant find any alternative. On windows, there is a way to configure it manually, but the description of the installing on linux is quiet limited...

Im using the NetworkManager on arch, and the XFCE4 Window manager.

Besides that, is there any graphical Interface for the Network Manager for XFCE4 ? Until now i used the terminal commands to connect to a new wifi, but that is every annoying to do every time.

And in general, im a complete beginner on Arch, so don not wonder why some things may be very "obvious" to you..


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Re: installing eduroam for University Wifi on Arch Linux

The error says you're missing a module named distro, so installing that would be a good start: … on-distro/

As always, searching the wiki is a good idea. … ss#eduroam


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Re: installing eduroam for University Wifi on Arch Linux

The error message suggests that the package python-distro is a dependency of the script.  Instlaling that package should resolve the current error - but there may be others.  Overall though such software is pretty silly.  It looks to be a thousand lines of python code, with some other dependencies, all for the purpose of generating half a dozen lines of a config block that will be added to your wpa_supplicant.conf.  Just create your own wpa_supplicant.conf entry yourself following `man wpa_supplicant.conf`.  What you may in your wpa_supplicant.conf is on lines 707-717 of the script.

As for your last line - eduroam is obvious to no one.  It is really a ridiculous system.  But you just struggle once through figuring out exactly what your university's system requires in the wpa_supplicant config block, then you have it for the rest of your time there.

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Re: installing eduroam for University Wifi on Arch Linux

Okay, thank you guys smile


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