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Firewall rules got messed up after using rp-pppoe

Hello everyone,
I know a little about using linux via cli but I am totally new to networking stuff.

I used to use wifi. But my institute's LAN provide much higher speeds, so I thought I would connect to it. I tried pppoe-setup and chose none for firewall option. But pppoe-start didn't work. Now I can connect to wifi(my wifi card is up and my wifi interface showed in output to "ip a" and I can connect to my phone's hotspot) but My system can't reach out on the network. Pacman doesn't work(cannot resolve the domain names. it means pacman cannot reach out to dns server) , firefox gives no internet connection(I was connected to my phone's hotspot) or behind a firewall error. But pinging Google from cli works.

So I checked with "iptables -L" and INPUT and OUTPUT have ACCEPT policy. So my firewall is open.

I have searched the internet for solution but no luck. Guys, please help me here with resolving issue with pppoe and guide me in connecting to my institute's LAN.

I am studying in a institute whose lan uses 802.1x security with level-1 authentication of EAP-PEAP and level-2 authentication of MSCHAPV2 with no ca-certificates required.


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