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Re: Nextcloud sevral issues, index in first post


Sorry to revive an old post - but are all the issues now sorted?


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Re: Nextcloud sevral issues, index in first post

Curious to know the same. The updated wiki really screwed me up and now I'm not sure what caused the internal server error with nginx.

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Re: Nextcloud sevral issues, index in first post

Adding to this thread because I had the same problem...

I had set up a new system in May 2022 without any issues, running Nextcloud 23 on apache and php-fm.

Now, with the upgrade to Nextcloud 24.0.2, the server and desktop app kept working, but in the browser I was stuck on the login screen just like several previous posters.

In the log, I found "Error: session_regenerate_id(): Session ID cannot be regenerated", indicating a problem with the session storage.

After hunting around for the responsible configuration (there was no /var/lib/php folder, and the php-fpm.ini just specified /tmp), I was saved by the extensive installation notes I had kept this time:

install --owner=nextcloud --group=nextcloud --mode=700 -d /var/lib/nextcloud/sessions

i.e. the session information was supposed to be in /var/lib/nextcloud/sessions.

For some reason, the upgrade seems to have deleted this folder, and even though nextcloud owns /var/lib/nextcloud, it does not seem to be regenerated on the fly. After recreating the folder, everything works fine again.

I still cannot find in which configuration file the path /var/lib/nextcloud/sessions is stored, though...


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