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Wifi clients can not access server through bonded interface

Hi, I have strange problem while connecting to server which has wireless+wired bonded network interface. I have active-backup setup with wired interface configured as primary device. Basically everything works as it should. If one of physical interfaces fails, server automatically switch traffic to slave device and returns to primary connection whenever master is up again. When connecting from wired client it doesn't matter what is current state of server's interfaces but wireless clients can connect this host only when it has wired interface down. Any ideas why??



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Re: Wifi clients can not access server through bonded interface

Hi all.
Something similar happened to me after an update.

The ethernet link is set as PrimarySlave=true and works perfectly, but networkctl shows the wlan link as degraded (unmanaged).

networkctl status wlo1


4: wlo1
    Link File: /ust/lib/systemd/network/
    Network File: n/a
    Type: wlan
    Kind: n/a
    State: degraded (unmanaged)
    Online state: unknown

Seems like it is unable to load the configuration file in /etc/systemd/network/

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