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Excessive CPU usage and lagging with kodi playing videos

Hi there.

The latest update of one of my boxes resulted in a very laggy video playback, it is simply a mess.
Everything is up-to-date, I'm using kodi matrix (19.4). The box is an intel D525mw board with a 1.8 Atom processor, 1 G of ram, integrated intel video chipset. Had no problems before.
When I'm playing any kind of videos, CPU usage goes up to 350% (2 cores, 4 threads). Otherwise, no problem.

The box has also other methods to play back videos, like a normal desktop with a normal user, playing vids with vlc or mplayer is fine. Also, configuring them as external players for kodi, works fine, with no lag whatsoever.

I suspect there is something with kodi's integrated video player. Any ideas?

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