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Can't find wifi card, therefore internet doesn't work

I have arch installed for over a month, everything was working fine until now. yesterday my wifi connected and disconnected several times, then stopped working altogether. is as if i had press Fn+F12 and i wont let me turn it on. I was investigating, everyone seems to have problems that are similar but not quite the same as the one i have. i thought it was a driver problem, but from what i can gather my wifi card is unable to be found and thats the reason why i cant connect. lslpci shows no network controller and ip link shows only lo. Any help is appreciated.


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Re: Can't find wifi card, therefore internet doesn't work

Post your system journals from before and after the device "disappeared"

sudo journalctl -b # now
sudo journalctl -b -5 # 5 boots ago

Ceterum censeo: in case of a parallel windows installation, see the 3rd link below.


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