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Re: [Workaround] networkmanager 1.36 breaks networkmanager-wireguard-git

The new networkmanager already includes wireguard support, the plugin is not needed anymore.

Frontend support is mostly there as well:
- The Plasma applet is able to configure it
- network-manager-applet should support it
- nm-connection-editor is able to create and edit profiles
- nmcli is able to import profiles and start them.
- It is still missing in gnome-control-center, but you can use nm-connection-editor and the Wireguard Indicator extension.

| alias CUTF='LANG=en_XX.UTF-8@POSIX ' |


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Re: [Workaround] networkmanager 1.36 breaks networkmanager-wireguard-git

After a long time staying on NetworkManager 1.34.0 (and preserving a copy of "networkmanager-wireguard-git") I followed the last posting in this thread to set up a working replacement.

I converted all "WireGuard VPN" connections to native NetworkManager WireGuard connections and use the heavily modified "App Launcher" cinnamon addon as a kind of WireGuard control center.

If you only have one WireGuard connection, the link above also contains a script for modifying the launcher icon depending on the connection status - which is quite neat.


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