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Re: The Official Unofficial 'Arch is Best' Thread

I've only used Fedora and Arch, and I think the Arch repo has much more software than Fedora's. Also, you can almost find any software in the AUR.


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Re: The Official Unofficial 'Arch is Best' Thread

Four weeks ago I switch from Windows to Mint, and two weeks ago I switched from Mint to Arch with the main goal of both to get more control over my device so I can squeeze out more battery life. In my first 2 weeks of using arch I've gotten my power usage down to around 7W which equates to a 9hr battery life, vs the 2ish hours of battery I was getting on windows (thanks to Optimus being broken again, and whatever else goes on in the background). I'm incredibly excited about my Arch install, and I simply wanted to share :-)

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Re: The Official Unofficial 'Arch is Best' Thread


I started like this, not because of the battery, but to have more control of my system. in my case, I did this path, Windows > Ubuntu > Arch.

Best choice I've made!


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Re: The Official Unofficial 'Arch is Best' Thread

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