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Package pcsclite 2.0.0-1 requires surprising polkit


i'm using pcsclite but don't polkit. i'm using seatd.
today i'm updating a archlinux system and wonder why i have to install polkit+duktape.

the new pcsclite version 2.0 add build option "- Add '--disable-polkit' option" upstream [1]

the archlinux package pcsclite before 2.0 never pull polkit. why it's now enabled if the upstream developer add "--disable-polkit" ?

i know how to build my own package and will try "--disable-polkit" in future for now i don't want to upgrade to 2.0 just as side note.

[1] … /ChangeLog


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Re: Package pcsclite 2.0.0-1 requires surprising polkit

The archlinux package in 1.9.9-3  from march 2023 was the first one to add polkit support, … 205d18c2b2 .

You may want to stick to 1.9.9-2 .

No idea why polkit support was added, you can try creating a bug report to ask the arch devs to disable it .

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