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Powerbutton shutdown (changing behaviour)

Hi everyone!
I am having a problem with Arch.
Since I am used to Linux Mint, I would like that my powerbutton, instead of just shutdown and no more), gives me the option of doing whatever I want.

I was searching for a solution on various website but I found a solution that looked appealing to me but didn't work: I changed   #HandlePowerKey=ignore on the directory /etc/systemd/logind.conf but there is no use.

I ever searched for susped menus on GitHub and I confess that I found some of them really interesting, so I'd like to ask:

May I change the behaviour of the powerbutton to execute something?

If not

How can I make the poweroff button to simply suspend?

Thanks in regard


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Re: Powerbutton shutdown (changing behaviour)

maybe it is configuration in DE (I know plasma have it, gnome maybe, cinnamon I think have it). … r_managers


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Re: Powerbutton shutdown (changing behaviour)

Astralc is right, DEs will override, so we need to know which one you are using,

I changed   #HandlePowerKey=ignore on the directory /etc/systemd/logind.conf but there is no use.

I presume that was in /etc/logind.conf.  Did you remove the hash ('#') from the beginning og the line?  Because that hash means the line is a comment.

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