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#1 2023-10-31 03:59:52

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Live install just hangs at connecting to arch mirrors

I understand you have to try everything before posting and this is my first post after registering.
1.I tried plugging in and unplugging ethernet wire (i use dhcp I assume)
2. I read while googling that this resolved an ipv6 address that to disable it is to let it work.
3. on the wiki I tried , with commands,to disable ipv6 it didnt work
4. I tried using the dhcpcd command that didn't work either
5. it says my network interface is detected and working

I'm currently typing this from EndeavorOS, please pardon typos. I had a 7yr arch install that I borked ...somehow for over a month I had dependency errors and i fixed a few searching the forum and the rest wouldn't let me upgrade my system. so instead of waiting to see fixes, i tried another distro...and borked everything.
I'm using endeavoros and it's great.but once you go vanilla arch it's hard to use anything else..

I think i tried everything I could think of oh yeah, i d/l and burnt 4 dvds of the arch iso in case it was a bad d/l or bad burn

any help would be greatly appreciated to get past that message
thanks in advance

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Re: Live install just hangs at connecting to arch mirrors

Do you have a network connection? Can you access/ping google ? did you configure your timezone appropriately? Are you installing manually or using archinstall?


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Re: Live install just hangs at connecting to arch mirrors

everything says i should be ok
using archinstall

ping command hangs
the output of one of the commands shown the interface was up and was green
there was nothing to configure.... as soon as I typed archinstall to start it...
the next thing that came up was connecting to arch mirrors and it hangs

I tried using commands to detect and start the eth0 interface to no avail
I had arch on here for 7 years with no issues i don't understand.

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#4 2023-11-07 07:11:31

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Re: Live install just hangs at connecting to arch mirrors

Ca you check the outputs of

ip link
ip addr

Maybe you hhave another interface name (enpXsY insteat eth0) or something with DNS resolving is not working.
And/or check the IP of the live archlinux, that there are no some child-blocking-options in your router enabled for that IP.

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#5 2023-11-07 08:56:21

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Re: Live install just hangs at connecting to arch mirrors

ip a # this implies ip l
ip r


ping -c1 _gateway
ping -c1

And please don't paraphrase,
In doubt link some photos of the screen.


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