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Inconsistent cursor themes on GTK apps

So I recently switched to hyprland (from awesomewm, didnt uninstall neither awesome nor xorg) and I have been experiencing inconsistent cursor themes on apps that use GTK themes.
I've used LXAppearance to firstly, set the cursor theme, then went on all(or most) appropriate files to make the relevant changes so that the new cursor would apply anywhere. As of now, the cursor theme I've set works on all apps that don't use GTK themes (e.g. alacritty), however on those that do(firefox, galculator, eww...), the cursor theme switches to the default ('Adwaita') one. I've made changes on files such as




and yes, even in hyprland's config using the "env" variables.

The cursor theme continues to have inconsistencies, even after rebooting.

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