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#26 2004-06-06 20:37:30

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Re: Init hangs on boot for a long time

Well, posted it. I hope I don't make a fool out of myself smile I thought fstab was not important enought. Now let's look forward to the next kernel release 2.6.7 and see wheter it is better or not.

Again, thanks to all who helped me on this.

Because Gyroplast asked me to post the fix for thist problem:
DMA errors, especially if you have a Promise 20265 IDE controller, seem to occur because of a bug in the kernel 2.6 versions and maybe in 2.4. To temporarily solve the problem you can boot the kerel with `ide=nodma'. Maybe you can switch DMA back on after booting with `hdparm -d1 <device>'.


#27 2004-06-08 01:41:43

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Re: Init hangs on boot for a long time

LOL Now kernel bug tracker has some bug :-)

Software error:

data/versioncache did not return a true value at line 699.

Someone should post a bug about it ;-)


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