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#1 2004-07-28 02:35:58

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eth0? sit0? NIC question.

I previously had Slackware/Redhat on my systems and the task of configuring an ethernet card is pretty simple. netconfig as root solved a lot of problems.
I was wondering if there was such an app in Arch.
I couldnt find any after a small search so decided to start the NIC with ifconfig.
Here, I was startled at sit0 appearing in ifconfig -a
Is it called sit0 instead of eth0 or is this my unusual card?
I assigned the apropriate ip/subnet mask etc etc to my card(sit0) and up'ed it. But I was unable to ping other b0xes in my lan.
The card is up and running on the interface but it can only ping itself, and wont communicate over the network.
Thanks for any help.

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Re: eth0? sit0? NIC question.

sit0 is an ipv6-through-ipv4 tunnel device.  It's not your ethernet device.  You have to load your ethernet module to have an eth0 available.

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